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i make excessive demands.

arthur made me do it and it's 5am.

Name: allie

Age: 21

Location: the olde

Favorite Music: sleater-kinney, veruca salt, camera obscura, le tigre, regina spektor, burning airlines, & hoedown (also known as) the beef song)

Favorite Films: The Graduate, Mean Girls

Favorite Books: Cunt, White Oleander, Nancy Drew, The Feminine Mystique

Weird fact about you: I went dogsledding on top of a glacier in Alaska

Tell us a (non-boring) story: One time I was watching one of the final world cup games in a cafe in Hyeres, France. France won and there was mass celebrations in the street including but not limited to: extreme honking, traffic jams on purpose, riding around the same block a dozen times on mopeds, hanging out of car windows waving french flags, sitting on top of moving trucks waving french flags, you get the idea. Some french men tired to sing the america national anthem because they were speaking with an American man. So I ran across the cafe, and in my poor, garbled french, insisted that they sing the French national anthem, because it really was France's night, after all. And they did.
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