punkydrewster12 (punkydrewster12) wrote in nonboringqueers,

That Which is ME

Name: Drew Porter or Diva Drew

Age: 20

Location: Evansville IN, soon to Muncie IN

Favorite Music: Dixie Chicks, Hilary Duff, Spice Gilrs, Cher, Daniel Beddingfield, Fall Out Boy, Panic At The Disco, Avril, TLC, The Fray, Fergie, Mariah Carey, BSB, Nelly, Ja Rule, Alan Jackson...............many more....I really love all kinds of music.......

Favorite Films: The Little Mermaid, Beaches, The Broken Hearts Club, Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken, Connie and Carla, Elf, Birdcage, The Little Princess, Girl Interrupted, Pretty Women, Stepmom, Blow, Party Monster, Mona Lisa Smiles, Cinderella Story, RENT, Spice Girl Movie, Raise Your Voice....many more as well

Favorite Books: Boy George's Autobiography, Rainbow Boys Series, She's Come Undone, Getting Over Homor, Little House on the Praire Series, Eragon, Redwall Series, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Series, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, And Tango Makes Three, Canterbury Tales,

Weird fact about you: Ummm...........I never know what to say during this question

Tell us a (non-boring) story: So, a non-boring story.  Well I recently went to a Dixie Chicks concert in Nashville on Dec. 1. When my friends and I got to the concert we got moved down from our seats to closer ones becasue our section was filled.  Well we were just sitting there and this random lady who we have no idea who she was, just asks us if we want front row tickets to the concert. WE GOT FREE FRONT ROW TICKETS....it was AMAZING....front and center, right in front of the stage and then. Totally best seats in the house.  

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